Bruno Böhmer Camacho


Folkwang Essen Prize, 1st Place (2006, 2008)

Leverkusen Jazztage Finalist (2008) and world jazz partners Popkomm (2008)

BMW International Jazz Ward Nominee (2008)

With just nine, ten, and eleven years of age, Bruno Böhmer Camacho, Juan Camilo Villa, and Rodrigo Villalón were already on the stages of their Colombian hometown, Barranquilla. After high school they continued their studies at several prestigious music schools and participated in various musical projects. Their artistic spectrum ranges from jazz to Latin music. From their extraordinary skill and musical versatility, they quickly developed into one of the hottest rhythm sections of the Latin jazz scene in Germany. In 2006, Bruno Böhmer was nominated for the Folkwang Prize, an award the Folkwang Hochscule in Essen gives to their best student. On this occasion, he presented some of his compositions for jazz trio and was awarded first prize. Several offers from major producers followed. In 2008, the three musicians returned again and were awarded the Folkwang prize due to the nomination of Juan Camilo Villa. Meanwhile, the project has been gaining much success on the international stage.